11 August 2013

Daily Life : A Photo An Hour

Woops! I had good intentions to blog yesterday but time ran away from me. We had a fairly busy Saturday doing lots of different but small things which ended up us having a late dinner and me falling asleep whilst watching a film. Tsk Tsk! I took a photo nearly every hour to show you what I got up to.

10 am - Breakfast!

11am - Ready for the day ahead

12pm - Taking Ollie for a walk

1pm - A last minute picnic in the park (thank you M&S!)

2pm - Watching my family having a quick cricket game 

3pm - Sorting out the garden. Look at those Courgettes Marrows!

4pm - A much needed tidy in my bedroom. I love my blankets!

5pm - We cleaned Ian's car but silly me forgot to take a picture! Just imagine that one in your head ; )

6pm - A quick trip to Ikea to fix some storage problems in my bedroom. More on that another time.

7pm - Lasagne for dinner! Probably not the most appealing photo but it was gooood!

After this I completely zoned out and relaxed on the sofa...and fell asleep. Ha!

I hope your having a great weekend. I'll be back tomorrow.

Gemma xXx

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  1. Nice idea for a visual diary! I love your 'marrows' - I've had a few like that this year ;o) My husband is trying to take one photo per day and not always managing that.

    1. Thank you for popping by! These marrows will last us for ages!

      Gemma xXx


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