9 August 2013

Instalove #2

Just a few snaps from these past few weeks. Time is flying by isn't it?  Ollie is looking a lot more grown up than in these photos. I hope he doesn't lose his puppy face!

1. Sweet Peas in the garden
2. Me & Ollie in the car
3. My mum's birthday cake. I love the cake stand!!
4. Birthday flowers
5. My pretty measuring tape
6. Studying in the sunshine
7. Admiring colourful fabric
8. Ollie being naughty going upstairs. He always thinks if he runs fast enough we wont see him!


Tonight we are having a mini bbq/bonfire party with my brother. He is so excited for Ian to get home so we can get started. They are then going to play on the Xbox and watch a film. I might just do some crochet or start a cross stitch haha! Apart from that i'm hoping to go on a walk or two, bake some more of those muffins and just relax.

What have you got planned for the weekend? 

Gemma xXx

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