16 August 2013

Level 3 COMPLETE! A Review Of The 30 Day Shred

I'm so proud of myself! Today was our 30th and last day of doing the shred. We are finished! I have to admit I am going to miss doing this workout DVD...it has actually been a lot of fun.

Level 3 was tough. It seemed to be more strength and endurance based than the other levels. It involves a lot of planking which I struggled with. I followed Anita who showed an easier version of the move but I still felt challenged overall. I can now jog on the spot and do jumping jacks without feeling like crap! During level 1 I really struggled with the cardio so it is great to see an improvement in that area.

I do not feel like I am shredded but I did not change my diet whatsoever. I completely forgot to weigh myself before I began this little journey but I do have my previous measurements. I have lost a couple of inches all over and look generally more toned so that is great! Like I mentioned in my previous posts, i'm feeling much more energised and good about myself and to me that is the most important thing.

I never thought i'd say this but I actually enjoy this kind of exercise now. I mean I still need encouragement to get off the sofa and do the DVD but once I'm doing it there are no regrets. I think if I stopped working out i'd start to feel a little lost? It just gave me such a boost! If you are considering doing the 30 day shred then I really recommend it. I had 'started' this DVD a few times but only reached day 11. You have to push yourself to do it. Sometimes we did it at 9pm but it was worth it and you will feel so proud once each workout day passes.

So now we are going to move onto another DVD of Jillian's called 6 week Six pack. We Ian is also considering doing Couch to 5k...but I may take a little more convincing before I start running!

Anyway I will continue to do workout updates on here so keep a look out if you are interested! I am now off to bake a naughty cake to celebrate this little achievement! Happy Friday!

Gemma xXx


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  1. I've heard so much about this from colleagues, not enough to give it a go yet though! A friend is also doing (and loving) the couch to 5k.

    1. Hi Jay!

      It is a lot of hard work but is really worth it in the end! I hope i've inspired you to give it a go : )

      Gemma x


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