29 August 2013

Our Short Term Bucket List

A few months ago Ian & I had a long chat. We both agreed that this year has absolutely flown by and we felt like we didn't do much with our time. I mean it's nearly been a whole year since we got engaged. Crazy! We always say that time is flying by but this year in particular has just shot by in a blink of an eye. To help us to make the most of our time we decided to make a few bucket lists of things we wanted to do and achieve. We have a long term bucket lists like get married, have kids etc but these are some we can do by the end of the year if we really wanted to!

Short term bucket list 

See more of England
Ginger bread house competition 
Start recording more

Get a better camera 
Finish ripple blanket
Try Sushi 

Do an Intermediate photography course 
Make and try carrot cake
30 day shred - Done!

Do a back flip 
Do an authentic Greek BBQ
Sell unwanted items on Ebay 

Afternoon tea 
Print and frame more photos
Try scallops

Eat fish and chip shop chips by the sea side
Design my first room 
Lose weight

Couch to 5k -We've made a start to this one!
Make homemade hamburgers
Fly a kite

I'm thinking of either updating this blog post each time we've done something or to create it's own page so it's easier to find. What do you think?

Do you have a short term bucket list ? What is on yours?

Gemma xxx

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  1. Great list I think you should give it it's own page and tick things off as you do them - or maybe add to the list.
    No short term list for me but long term is mainly buy a house in the sun & spend winter there.

    1. Thanks Jay! I think you are right. I will try and make its own page soon.

      Gemma x

  2. Love your list. There is nothing more satisfying then ticking (or in my case scribbling) something of a list! Hope you get them all done!! :) xx

  3. I love the idea of a short term bucket list. I agree that time has been flying by, and have also been setting goals for myself so that I don't let it all slip away without doing the things I want. See more of England is on mine as well! And I definitely think trying sushi is something you should do soon! Looking forward to seeing updates as you work through this list :)

    1. I really must try Sushi ASAP! I have to admit I feel a little nervous to try it.

      Gemma x


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