17 August 2013

Pinterest Favourites

I'm an open Pinterest addict. I can't help but go online each day and see what visual goodies and ideas I can pin on my boards. It's so addictive. If you want to follow me then click here.

Here are some of the things i've been loving on pinterest recently...

Food Food Food!
Mushroom, Garlic, and Parmesan Flatbreads

Chocolate dipped tea cookies
Brownie Sugar Cookies

A Handmade Life

Crochet Socks
DIY Garden Stones
hopscotch lane crochet blanket. Need to make this!!!
Home Sweet Home

So much light!
Love all the red!
And just because it is so darn cute!...

Cute Cute Cute!

Happy Saturday! It's grey, windy and wet here at the moment. I can't help but think aboutt the colder months that are ahead! I'm about to go an take a hot shower and watch a film whilst doing a little cross stitch.

Night Night!

Gemma xXx

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Gemma x


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