5 August 2013

Positive Monday #3

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Five small but positive things from the weekend:

* Waking up early on Saturday morning and sitting in the sunny garden, hearing nothing but stillness.

* Spending the day with Ian, my sister and her friends at Thorpe Park. 

* Being brave enough to go on all the roller coasters! I was convinced I was not going on any. 

*Eating fresh out of the oven muffins on Sunday morning. So good!

* Having a quiet sit and chat with Ian down the end of the garden. It was so peaceful : )

How was your weekend? Did you get up to much? I really enjoyed our day out on Saturday but it really made the weekend fly by. I was so tired that evening that I was asleep by 9pm! What five small things did you love about your weekend? Let me know in the comments box below : )

Gemma xxx

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