20 August 2013

Scandinavian Christmas

I was recently sent a gorgeous book to review called 'Scandinavian Christmas' by Trine Hahnemann. If any of you are like me, your minds are already turning to the colder months that lead up the Christmas and all the yummy but naughty food that comes along with it.

Scandinavian Christmas gives you an insight into what Christmas is like for chef and writer Trine. She invites us into her world throughout the month of December and shares her favourite recipes and traditions.

Each Chapter covers different types of baking/cooking you would do throughout the season. Christmas Baking, Gifts from the kitchen, Advent: A whole month of Christmas, Christmas Party, The Christmas Eve Feast and last Christmas Day Smorgasboard. Every other page has at least one photo which is a huge positive for me. I love to see how a dish is meant to turn out!

Most of the recipes seem achievable apart from a few which require a few speciality ingredients. I am yet to make something from this book but the sweeter bakes/dishes sound a lot nicer than the savoury but that might just be me and my sweet tooth!

This book is great to just flick through for inspiration. I've always imagined how lovely Christmas is in that part on the world.

'Scandinavian Christmas' is available on Amazon.

Gemma xXx

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  1. Hi Gem - that looks like a lovely inspirational book.

    Nina x


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