24 August 2013

Ten things about me tag

Ten Things About Me Tag!

I was tagged by a lovely reader to answer a few questions about myself. Thank you so much for the tag Stacey! I'll try my best to answer them as well as I can : )

Ten questions about me

1 - What is one film you could watch over and over again?

I think the one film I could watch over and over is Love Actually! It's such a good film, it's so funny and better yet it is Christmassy!

2 - Which book would you recommend to people?

I really love 'Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe' by Jenny Colgan. I think every girl dreams of owning some sort of shop, whether is is a bakery, a cafe or a haberdashery. I have to read Christmas at the Cupcake cafe!

3 - Which song do you have on repeat?

I really love most of The Killers music. I could sing along to them all day!

4 - If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Now that is a hard question! I have a huge sweet tooth so it would have to be some kind of dessert. 

5 - What s one thing you want to learn before you die?

I think i'd like to learn sign language.

6 - Where has been your favourite place to take a holiday?

My favourite holiday is 100% Orlando, Florida. I haven't travelled to many places but Florida has always been the best. There is so much to do there that isn't necessarily theme parks. I love the Villa. I love taking a swim after a hot day in the sun. I love the shopping and how cheap everything is! I love the food! It's just a fantastic holiday.

7 - What quote do you live by?

Think positively, exercise daily, eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, worry less, dance more, love often, be happy.

8 - Which city/country would you most like to visit?

I'd love to see more of America (can you tell that I loved it there?!). I'd love to see New York, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas.

9 - What TV show are you currently glued to?

Ian and I are watching Scrubs from the beginning at the moment. I never used to like it but it's growing on me!

10 - What would you tell your 16 year old self?

That I would soon discover the things that truly made me happy!


Thank you so much for the tag Stacey!!

Happy Saturday all. It's a bank holiday weekend here so we have an extra day relaxing together! Yay!

Gemma xXx

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