18 September 2013

Cake & Bake Show 2013!

After hearing so much about the Cake and Bake Show last year I was so excited to be attending this years in Earls Court!  On Saturday we hoped on the tube and headed to the show. I didn't really know what to expect from it but I knew some of my favourite brands such as Sainsbury's and Dr. Oetker were showcasing there so it must be good.

The show wasn't as big as I imagined but it still took a lot of time to walk around and discover what it had to offer.

I really loved the Bonne Maman 'kitchen' set-up...it looked so homely!  I just wanted to go in there and make something yummy with their jams.

There were so many things to do there but unfortunately we couldn't spend the whole day there due to other commitments. Dr Oetker had a few demonstrations and I would of loved to take part in a Betty Crocker cake making class.

I had heard that brands gave away a lot of samples last year for people to take home and try but unfortunately this year there weren't many at all. I did manage to blag a Dr. Oetker vanilla extract which i'm looking forward to trying!

Something I loved was all the amazing cakes that were on show. They were literally pieces of art! I don't think I could bare to eat it if I made something as intricate as some of these cakes.

I love this simple style Wedding Cake!

The absolute highlight for me was meeting some of the Great British Bake Off contestants! I was lucky enough to be on the press list (who knew having a blog would mean you are part of the press?!) so I was allowed in the Press/media room where some of the contestants were! I must of been in my own little world as I didn't even notice them at first. Ian had to point them out to me!

I probably embarrassed myself but I couldn't see them without asking for a photo. There was a little bit of small talk and they seemed really lovely! I can imagine how crazy it must be for them to be recognised by so many people they don't know. Did any of you watch the Bake off last night? I was so sad to see Rob go! I really didn't expect it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my time at the Cake & Bake show 2013! If you love to bake then I'd recommend going next year and making a day of it.

Gemma xXx

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