19 September 2013

Fashion : Autumn Boots Favourites 2013

Every Autumn I love getting my boots out of storage. They are my favourite Autumn/Winter accessory as they are so easy to dress. Although I love my current boots they just aren't the 'perfect' pair to me. I am always looking out for new pairs that I can add to my 'wanties' list!

Next £80 /  New Look £59.99 / Clarks £79.99 / Tu £55

I can't decide if black or brown or tan are my favourite. One thing I am decided on is that it's flats all the way. Comfort over style any day of the week! 

Anyway the above are some of the boots that have caught my eye recently. Can you guess which are my favourite? Surprisingly.... it's the TU (Yes - Sainsbury's) boots! They are 100% leather and at only £55 they are a steal. They come in a brown/tan shade also. These are definitely going on my Christmas list!

Which are your favourites? Black or brown? I'd love to know!

Gemma xXx

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  1. I love brown boots in the Autumn! Great post.

    Beth | BeautyBubbles x

    1. Thanks Bethan! I think i'm leaning towards the brown boots too.

      Gemma x


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