16 September 2013

Positive Monday #7


I'm literally buzzing from the fantastic weekend we have just had. It was lovely and relaxing but full of fun and was very productive. It also felt very Autumnal and cosy! Don't you just love it when the weekend is like that? 

Five small but positive things from the weekend:

* Going to the Cake and Bake Show and meeting a few of the Great British Bake-off contestants! (more on that soon).

* Swooning at all the Christmas goodies on sale in the shops already. I love that Maltesers have introduced a Christmas version of the Malteaster bunny..it's called Merryteaser Reindeer! These are a favourite of mine!

* Lighting candles and turning on fairy lights whilst it's wet and windy outside.

* Baking yummy cupcakes.

* A slightly wet but refreshing walk on Sunday morning over some local fields. Perfect for a little kite flying!

Gemma xXx

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