9 October 2013

Made to last

When Ian & I got engaged we received lots of advice from our family & friends. Something that really stayed with me was to try and buy the best quality household items that we can. My grandparents were given good quality pots and pans as a wedding gift and they are still using them to this day. 

On this note I was given the chance to put an Ozeri Green Earth frying pan * to the test! We knew the perfect way to test it out was to fry some eggs for breakfast one morning. If there is one thing that gets on my nerves, it is when a fried egg sticks and you end up with scrambled eggs instead. The Ozeri pan could hold 3 eggs comfortably, 4 at the most. The egg white glided so easily and didn't stick at all and flipped so easily!

You can feel the pan is good quality. It's a good weight but isn't too heavy to carry to the sink. It also has a silicone handle for extra comfort. 

I love the fact that it has a natural ceramic coating and that it doesn't release harmful chemicals when cooking at high heats. You can definitely tell this pan is made to last!

Do you own anything that you think will last a lifetime? Which brands do you recommend us to look at? 

Gemma x

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