28 October 2013

The Windy City

Just a few pictures from my weekend, there were so many signs of Autumn everywhere! As the weather was looking terrible with storm Jude on it's way, we didn't have a lot to do and decided to spend most of our time indoors doing some cooking and baking. 

When we did venture out we went to a garden centre or two. I don't know about you but I love going to garden centres at this time of year when their Christmas stock is out. We have a fantastic one locally that does not disappoint. They put so much imagination into the displays which makes it so much more exciting!

So storm Jude wasn't as bad as we had thought, although it got pretty scary at 6am when I felt the room shake slightly. My room is the loft room and I was worried the roof might have flown off! 

I hope everyone is safe!

Gemma x

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