12 November 2013

Exercise update - #BEDN

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I realised it's been a wee while since I last posted about how the Couch to 5K was going!

In all honesty things are going slowly. Since the time change we've been having to run in the dark and I absolutely hated it. I couldn't concentrate on running and keeping a steady rhythm as I was too worried about my surroundings and the people around me. I felt unsafe.

So now we are running once at the weekend in the day light. We are still doing the Couch to 5k, just not 3 times a week. It's a shame as we are practically at the end of it but I feel a lot happier and safer when I run now. I can now almost do 25 minutes of constant running! It's an amazing feeling once it is done but whilst your doing it you have to let your mind wonder. If you don't you are always thinking about how much you hurt!

To keep fit we are also doing Jillian Michaels 6-week six pack. It's definitely not as intense as the 30 day shred was but so far it seems good. Again we haven't followed it completely 100%, missing the odd day here and there. I'm hoping we get our act together and do it each day as I fear festive treats will soon get the better of me!

Weight wise I don't reckon that I have lost much, if at all recently. Myself and others noticed that I had lost weight when we first started running, but nothing seems to have changed these past few weeks. Doing less of it probably doesn't help!

Anyway when we reach the end of the Couch to 5K i'll definitely share an overall review..so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested!

Gemma x

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  1. If you're running for 25 minutes you must be getting close to 5km :) Keep going!!!!
    Claire xx

  2. The time of year certainly doesn't help. I'm doing couch to 5K too but progress is slow thanks to my current workload so I'm not even half way through yet. But it does feel good after a run doesn't it? I love that feeling :)

    1. That feeling really does make up for all the pain and struggle! Good luck with your Couch to 5K journey x

  3. I love the 30 day shred - Jim's in India for a month and I've started it from scratch again. I might do the 6 week 6 pack afterwards too. x


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