22 November 2013

Gaming Gift Guide For Children! - #BEDN

There is something that I have never shared with you before...a secret indulgence of mine that might seem a little surprising. I occasionally dabble in a little gaming now and then on the Xbox. Yes me..the one who also loves to crochet and bake! It all began when Ian and I got together. He always played Call Of Duty and I really got into playing against others across the world on Multiplayer. How cool was I? Ha! These days I enjoy games that are a little more relaxing to play such as the Lego series. They are easy to drop in and out of and they are so much fun!

One of the topics for #BEDN was to blog about something that I don't usually tend to post about. So with that in mind and Christmas fast approaching I thought i'd do a little gift guide for those who are wondering what to buy for the mini gamer in their life.

The games above are a few that the younger ones in my family are wishing for this Christmas. I am hoping that my brother ends up with the Lego Marvel game so I can borrow it ; )

 Sometimes buying games can be really expensive, especially when you are getting the latest ones out. To make your budget go further and get more for your money, consider buying pre-owned games. They are tons cheaper and most shops such as Game offer a 12 month guarantee. 

Something which really dictates a gamers experience is the TV! If you are planning on purchasing a new TV then here a few things to think about.The size. I would say a 22" is a happy medium, not too big that it takes over the room, not too small that you can barely see the screen. The quality, is it HD ready? Does it have plenty of AV connections to plug consoles into? 

Gaming Headset
Another must have is a gaming headset. They let you fully immerse yourself into the game. My little brother swears by them as he can also talk to his Minecraft friends whilst they are building their houses together. Another advantage of these headsets are for the parents or those that live with the said gamer! They will make your home a much quieter place and will keep everyone happy. There aren't that many headsets available for the new generation consoles yet but Gioteck are due to be releasing some PS4 gaming headsets soon!

I hope this little gamers gift guide is useful for some of you! 

Gemma x

NB: This is a sponsored post, however as always these are my honest thoughts and opinions.


  1. I live in a house of tech geeks (meant with love obviously) so they enjoy games galore. I am pleased to say though that they enjoy playing as a family as well as lots of other activities too.

    X x

    1. Playing as a family is so much fun! I love having the occasional Wii night..it always ends in giggles.

      Gemma x


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