8 November 2013

Mind Blank - #BEDN

I've decided to have a little change around of the topics set for the next few days for 'Blog every day in November'. 

Today I am keeping it short and sweet. I always enjoy taking part in these challenges but sometimes I have no words. I attempted to type a 'Blog Chat' post for today but I just couldn't express myself properly. No matter what I typed it just didn't read right in my head. Do you fellow bloggers ever get this problem? I have so many half written blog post drafts because I just can't get my head around what I am trying to say! 

Instead I thought I'd share a few Instagram snaps from these past few weeks. I have to admit I haven't been using Instagram as much as I used to.

1. My current crochet blanket which is taking forever! /  2. Ollie falling asleep on his beloved teddy
 3. Halloween!   / 4. Candles on a Friday night

1. Simple tree garland  /  2.   Wool Order- yay!   /  3. Cosy under my quilt  /  4.  Red & Beige tree garland

My Instagram name is Gemma_gld. What's yours? I'd love to add you to my feed : )

I'll be back tomorrow to share my day with a picture an hour.

Happy Friday!

Gemma xXx

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  1. Your tree garlands are super sweet and very festive. Are you Christmas decorating already?
    Claire xx

  2. Hi Claire

    Thanks for your comment! No we put  the Christmas decorations up in December. Those garlands are for my online shop.

    Gem x

  3. Yes! I get Bloggers Block all the time. I have a few strategies - a great one is to try a different method to write your post. Go old school with pen and paper, sit somewhere different and let your eyes wander. This usually gets me thinking differently.

    P.S. Love your patchwork quilt!


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Gemma x


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