15 November 2013

My Workspace - #BEDN

I'm so sorry I missed yesterdays #BEDN post. I had a 24 hour bug type thing so I didn't really feel like blogging. Anyway today i'm feeling a lot better so I am going to do 2 blog posts to make up for it!

Yesterdays prompt for #BEDN was to share my workspace. Below is my desk that's in the corner of my room. It's fairly small but it does the job! I use it mostly to make orders and things for my shop, it's also handy when i'm doing drawings for my interior design course.

Let me tell you it isn't usually as neat as this! I did a little sneaky tidy up before taking some photos.

 When i'm busy I HAVE to have something going on in the background, be it some music or a vlog on Youtube. This little space is usually where my laptop sits.

I have a little owl thimble that was my grandads. He used to love owls and collected owl ornaments. When he passed away last year my nan said we could take an owl each. I choose the thimble as it was perfect for my sewing desk...isn't the detail on it so pretty? It's a nice little reminder of him.

For a little inspiration I have my calender to the left of my desk. I adore the illustrator Katie Daisy, her work makes me so happy. When the year is over I plan on framing a lot of the pictures from this calender!

Behind my desk is where I store all the fabrics that I use amongst other things.. Isn't all that colour so fun! 

So there you have it. A little nose into my work area. I hope you liked it! Check back for another post later on from me today.

Gemma xXx

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  1. I love it, and I love how organised your fabric is. And the thimble. So sweet. x

  2. Beautiful work space to have and all that fabric looks adorable.

    X x


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