25 November 2013

One month to go! - #BEDN

I can't quite believe Christmas day will be here in exactly a month today! That is crazy. It excites me yet it scares me! I absolutely love Christmas but each year I try and force myself to make the most of it by fitting in as much as we can. I just want to make it as Christmassy and festive as possible! Hopefully I can do everything I want to before the big day arrives.

I love hearing about how others spend their Christmas...everyone has completely different traditions. Here how we spend our Christmas Day:

* We usually wake up nice and early with excitement. I cannot ever sleep in!

* There is lots of excitement to rush downstairs and open some presents. We watch each other open each gift so it isn't all over in 5 minutes!

* Breakfast. Sometimes we have a bacon sandwich, sometimes a full english. Most of the time it involves chocolate or some left over cake from my birthday!

*Ian comes over with more pressies (he on the other hand does not like getting up early...not even on Christmas!).

* We relax and enjoy our new gifts and start to get ready to go out. 

* We visit my nan for an hour or so then head over to my other grandparents house for our Christmas dinner.

* Once our bellies are full we usually play some games (cards, trivia or riddles etc), watch a film on the TV or just have a laugh.

* When we are sleepy we drive back home. The roads are always so empty on Christmas day aren't they? I love looking out for houses with Christmas lights.

* Once we are home I usually go and see Ian's family after they've finished their dinner. 

* The night ends with cosy Christmas PJ's, a film and lots more snacking.

I can't wait! The Christmas tree is going up this weekend so that means it really is the countdown to the big day....Eeek!!! : )  

So is your Christmas day similar to mine at all? What do you do?

Gemma xXx

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  1. Sounds good! I think we will put our tree up next weekend..!

  2. Sound s great one.
    Our isn't too dissimilar. But we start on Christmas eve with a walk, singstar then carols by candle light at midnight and a single gift from santa on our return home.

    On Christmas day we:
    Get up early, bacon sandwich with bucks fizz (naught but nice) Open family gifts from each other, Then off to the sister in laws for coffee and cake and gift exchange, Buffet lunch at the in laws and more presents after lunch. Then back to ours for the main meal with all the extra family and a table gift swop too. Presents really do last all day.

    I love Christmas.
    X x

    1. Sounds like a very busy day! So much fun. I really can't wait : )

  3. Aww it sounds lovely, we don't stick to the same things each year but we do always get up and have breakfast together. We always see family and have a lovely time but there is nothing quite like being at home for Christmas!

    1. It's good to have a change up every now and then. We stay at home on Boxing day and I love it!

  4. Sounds lovely! I love christmas too! For some reason it seems to have snuck up on us this year! It's our first christmas in our new home this year and I can't wait. Xxxx

    1. I know time has flown by! I hope you have a lovely Christmas in your new home..so exciting!


  5. Your Christmas day sounds like a lot of fun. My hubby and I usually go travelling for Christmas since our families are in NZ and we are in London. This year we will be skiing in France on Christmas day, last year we were in Hong Kong, year before that Bulgaria... We do take a few traditions with us though - Christmas stockings and some kind of cake!!
    Claire xx

    1. Wow your Christmas time sounds amazing!

      Gemma x


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