20 November 2013

Perfect Christmas Shopping Outfit! - #BEDN

River Island Jumper - Fever Designs Jeans - New Look Snood Next Boots - George Coat - Rue Du Rhone Watch

Todays prompt for #BEDN is to do a little fashion post. I love fashion at this time of year. Anything that keeps me cosy and warm on a miserable day like today is perfect in my eyes. I would love to wear this outfit on Saturday when we are going to do a little Christmas shopping. It looks so effortless and comfortable! 

I practically live in my boots, skinnies and a big comfy jumper all winter long. I also seem to have a slight obsession with scarves. I have plenty already but this snood in particular is on my Christmas wish list. My sister bought it for herself recently and it is just so soft. That watch is also so pretty. I just love that rose gold look. I usually favour silver but this just stands out to me.

Would you wear this outfit? Do you happen to have a scarf obsession too?

Gemma xXx

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* I am entering this blog post into a competition to potentially win £200 of Sefridges vouchers. Wish me luck!


  1. I've got a couple of nice scarves but I bought a merino Buff in the autumn which I just love. Warm enough at the moment but I might need to dig out my big wooly scarf soon!

    1. Yes I need to dig my big woolly scarves out too! Plus a hat and some gloves...it's getting cold enough for it!


  2. Me too! I totally have a scarf obsession too. They're so snuggly.

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