5 November 2013

Skipping Bonfire Night - #BEDN

We usually do something every Bonfire night. Nothing huge, just some family over for some fireworks, a BBQ and some hot chocolate. 

Things are different this year as we have our puppy Ollie to think about. He is only 8 months old and he seems to really hate fireworks. He yelps, barks, whines and runs away when he hears rockets so we thought it was best to leave it for this year. Jasper (our old labrador that passed away in May) wasn't a big fan of them either but he eventually got used to it. Hopefully Ollie will be the same in time.

We are doing one traditional thing tonight though. Ian is bringing some marshmallows and Digestives home so we can have some s'mores. It might be raining tonight so we might be making them in the microwave! Well you've got to get into the spirit of things in one way or another...

Gemma xXx

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  1. Ollie looks super sweet. Have a lovely night in and enjoy your s'mores.
    Claire xx

  2. Awe, Ollie. I love his nose and eyes. Adorable. Our girl, Misa, the Akita, doesn't like fireworks and such either! Happy Bonfire Night

  3. Oh my gosh Ollie is adorable! I'm thankful my dogs aren't scared of fireworks seeing a dog upset by them really bothers me.



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