2 November 2013

Something I've Made - #BEDN

Firstly I just wanted to say a big hello and thank you to everyone that popped over to my blog yesterday! I can tell this is going to be a lot of fun and hopefully some new bloggy friends will be made!

So the first topic of #BEDN (Blog every day in November) is to share something that I have made. During one of my many sessions of scouring Pinterest, I started realising how much Americans celebrate Autumn compared to us in the UK. They bring the outdoors inside according to each season.

I really love this idea of adding a little bit to your home to reflect the time of year. Why should you only decorate at Christmas? Each season should be celebrated and marked, even in the smallest of ways, so I decided to make some fabric pumpkins to decorate with each Autumn. 

I came across lots of tutorials on Pinterest so thought it wasn't worth doing one on here, but if you want to one I used just let me know! They are really easy to make and you only need a rectangle of fabric,felt, filling, some wool and basic sewing supplies.

Along with a pretty candle, they really make the room feel autumnal and cosy. The best bit it is they wont go wrinkly and smelly after a week or so. They are cheap to make and you can bring them out year after year!

Hopefully you feel inspired to make yourself a fabric pumpkin! 

Gemma xXx

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  1. Aww this is a really cute idea, I'll have to remember it for next year!

    1. Thank you! They are lots of fun to make x

  2. It's a lovely idea to have a selection of seasonal decorations, and these pumpkins are lovely.

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping to make other little bits and pieces for next year.

  3. I love this, americans really do celebrate each season, I wish we did it more in the Uk


  4. I love these pumpkins, really must make some ready for this autumn x x x x


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