6 November 2013

Stress - #BEDN

Todays topic for 'Blog every day in November' is about stress. It is National stress awareness day today so this is perfect!

I am one of those people that tend to let stress build up inside until one day it all becomes too much and I have a good cry. I am a fairly laid back person but on the inside I am a sensitive soul who lets things get to her. When it all gets too much I tend to take it out on those closest to me which I regret straight afterwards. Why do we always do that ??

Here are some of my tips for avoiding stress and when things do get a little too much:

* Step back - When i'm frustrated because something isn't going right, I am always told by the Mr to step back and take a break. Sometimes my sewing machine plays up and it really frustrates me as I need it for my work. If I dealt with it when i'm stressed out i'd probably make it 100x worse. Stepping back clears your head.

*Go back to basics - There is nothing better than taking a nice hot shower / bath, putting on some clean PJ's and reading a book in bed. Some quiet time could be just what you need.

* Be organised - Being disorganised is one of the common causes of stress. Keeping on top of things can be made simpler by making a list each day of the things you need to do.

* Talk - Talk to someone about what's bothering you. Having a good chat and getting things off your chest can be a big stress buster.

* Exercise - It's crazy how doing some exercise can make you feel so much better! Since I started running I have felt so good about myself and my mind felt clearer. Go for a walk, get some fresh air and just having some time to think things over can really help!

I hope you are all enjoying my month of blogging so far : )

Gemma xXx

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  1. Most of the posts I've read on this subject today say pretty much the same thing - so why do we all find it so difficult?
    I am enjoying your month of blogging, I'm enjoying taking part too!

    1. I know i've realised this too! So funny x

  2. I def agree re exercise!feels so much bettee afterwards xx

  3. Agree, agree. Exercise is my number one way to deal with stress. I always without a doubt feel better and less anxious after a good workout.
    Claire xx

    1. It's such a simple way to relax isn't it? x


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