11 November 2013

The Spirit Of Christmas Fair - #BEDN

After many years of wanting to go, we finally went to the Spirit of Christmas fair! Many of you had been asking about it so I thought i'd share my thoughts of it along with some of my photos. 

The Spirit of Christmas Fair is held in Olympia, Kensington. I have been to many different types of these fairs and I have to say this location looked the absolute best! The architecture of the building is beautiful with its tall arched roof

As soon as we entered the fair it felt like Christmas. I could hear some distant cheery Christmas music playing in the background and smelt the fragrant smell of oranges and cinnamon. Looking up you could see the giant wrapped Christmas presents dangling from the ceiling like baubles! It definitely gave a good first impression.

There was so much to look at. From cashmere knitwear and candles to children's toys and yummy food, there was lots on offer. You could definitely buy your Christmas presents for all the family at the Spirit of Christmas fair! After a few hours of shopping you could grab a bite to eat from the array of caf├ęs or dine at the Mosimann's Winter Restaurant. 

There were a few stalls that really stood out to me....

I really loved the beautiful types of fairly lights available from Think Gadgets. This was my favourite.... So pretty!

You should of smelt the aroma from all the potpourri from Pollyfields. AMAZING! How beautiful is this Santa Claus?

These little puzzle toys really caught my eye too from JB puzzles. Perfect little stocking fillers.

Overall I had a lovely morning at the fair. I have to admit I didn't leave feeling as Christmassy as I had hoped. Although I did hear some faint Christmas music in the entrance, I couldn't hear any throughout the rest of the fair which is a shame as it added to the atmosphere.  It may of been my timing at the fair but it just didn't feel as I had expected it to. I also would of loved to have seen a little more decoration dotted amongst the stalls.

If you are thinking of going yourself next year, definitely give it a go! You can come away with some beautiful gifts. If you can't wait until Christmas 2014 then there is always the Spirit of Summer fair in May.

Gemma x

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  1. Oh those fairy lights are beautiful!
    What a shame it didn't get you in the festive spirit, they missed a trick by not having festive tunes playing, but it looks like a nice day out none-the-less

    1. Thank you for your comment, Yes I love those lights..they are lovely! Christmas music makes everything better in my opinion! x


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