28 November 2013

Winter Garden

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Since the cold weather has arrived I haven't spent much time in the garden. Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, plants have died back and most of our vegetables have been picked and eaten. We have some Parsnips left in the planters but are hoping to save them for our Boxing Day dinner. I'm a little worried they are going to be teeny tiny so we may have to buy extra just in case. I really hope they are a decent size...there is nothing like serving your guests home grown organic vegetables!

There are a few things we are hoping to get done in the garden this weekend before we forget. These jobs just make it so much easier when we are in the Spring and ready to get growing again:

* Rake up all the fallen leaves and store them away so that they will degrade and turn into compost.  You can add your vegetable peelings from all those festive dinners you'll be having, plus egg shells and cardboard.  Soon enough you'll have fantastic soil and compost to use!

* Pull up any remaining roots and dead plants from our planters. We tend to leave in the roots from our Mange Tout plants as it is high in nutrients and great for the soil.

* Dig through and turn the soil. This helps to aerate it and will encourage insects for the birds up the the surface.

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* If you have bird feeders make sure they are topped up, especially if it snows!

* Move weather sensitive plants to somewhere sheltered and warm.

* Best of all..start to plan for next years garden!

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Apart from watching Gardeners World on the TV the internet is another great resource. If you would like some free garden advice and tips then check out Gardenhealth.com for lots of information.

I'm particularly excited for next years growing season as Ian's grandad is letting us use the end of his garden to grow some veggies. The area is very spacious so we are hoping to grow lots!

Do you like to grow your own? If not would you like it give it a go? It's so rewarding! 

Gemma xXx

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NB: This is a sponsored post but as always these are my honest thoughts and opinions. 

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