3 December 2013

Center Parcs Part 1

As I write this I am currently in a huge comfy bed with a big puffy duvet and can currently hear lots of squawks and quacks from outside. Yes we are in Center Parcs! Where else would you happily be woken up by crazy ducks??

I've been excited for this trip as I love the peace and quiet of Eleveden Forest (well when the ducks don't sound like they are having a good chuckle...). We live in London so as you can image we don't have much nature surrounding us. As it is now Christmas time we decided we were going to have some treats...

Rocky Road

 And some Mixed Berry Muffins... well  it is Christmas time after all!

I decided that I wanted to be brave and drive to Center Parcs. It would be my longest journey since passing my driving test and would be great as there were lots of different roads to 'practice' on. I was a little nervous as I had never driven with the satnav before. I'd be joining onto 70mph roads and overtaking lorries and such but it was a fantastic drive and I got us both here in one piece! Yay! I know it must sound silly to all you experienced drivers but I am so proud of myself : )

Once we arrived I couldn't help but admire all the Christmas lights they put out. They are literally everywhere and are really pretty. There are lots more to see so i'll try and get a few more pictures to share.

In the evening we lit the fire, played some card games, listened to Christmas music and had some dinner. 

All in all we had a good first day and I was absolutely shattered by the end of it!

Right well i'm off to take a shower and enjoy our second day here. I'll be back soon to share some more!

Gemma xXx

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  1. Ha ha I love how ducks always sound like they are laughing at you like you've done the most silly of things!

    Enjoy your break at Center Parcs :)

    1. I know they sound absolutely mad! Thank you x

  2. I used to work at the CP headoffice until earlier this year. I haven't been on village for a while so these pics are making me nostalgic!

    1. Aww that's lovely. It is a wonderful place x

  3. Enjoy your break, it looks lovely. I've been once but as it was with 2 little people and a baby it wasn't quite so relaxing!


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