7 December 2013

Center Parcs - Part 2

 We are back from our mini break to Elveden Forest and I feel all lovely and relaxed. When we got home our families asked us what we had been up to whilst we were there. We did not do a whole lot to be honest!  We did a lot of 'mooching'. We stopped by different cafes and bars for some drinks...

We did a lot of walking around the forest. It was so peaceful. I was glad to see there were still Autumnal leaves on the trees to take pictures of. So many beautiful colours...

We spotted some cute wildlife too! Hello Mr Squirrel.. 

We also popped over to the Elveden Estate. It's a definite must if you stay at Elveden Center Parcs. They sell lots of fresh home made produce and have fun little gift shops. At this time of year you will definitely find some lovely Christmas gifts and decor!

 Apart from generally 'mooching' around we did do other things! We went swimming, played badminton, played pool, watched my brother and sister do a little archery and went bowling. We had lots of fun! I would definitely to go back one day : )

Have you been to Center Parcs? What time of the year do you like to go? For us it would be weird to go in the Summer!

Gemma xXx

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  1. Oh how lovely! Glad you had a good time! I went to centre parcs when I was younger but it think it was only for the day! Lovely pictures too xxx

  2. Glad you had a good time at Elveden. I've been a few times and have never ventured to the Elveden Estate - that one is new on me so thanks for the tip!


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