18 December 2013

Gingerbread House 2013

One of our most recent Christmas traditions is to bake and decorate a Gingerbread House! Last year was our very first one which was made on a whim...

This year we planned it out a little and used a Gingerbread house mould from Lakeland. It was so much easier than cutting it all to shape!

We went a little crazy with chocolates and sweets but overall I think it looks so magical...

It was so much fun to make! A perfect evening sneaking the odd sweet, watching the film Elf and decorating the Gingerbread house.

Last year we left our Gingerbread house a little too long and it ended up being stale. This year we decided to decorate it, admire it and then eat it!

So yummy and perfect dipped in some hot Tea.

We watched the Great British Bake Off Christmas special last night and of course their one put ours to shame! It looked so pretty with lots of piped detail so we are hoping to do something like that next year.

What do you think of our Gingerbread house? Do you make one each Christmas?

Gemma xXx

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  1. It's darling! You did such a great job! I used to do one with my Mom every year when I was little. When it was done my Mom would let me bring it into school for my class to eat. I really should bring that tradition back. It was a lot of fun! I don't blame you for digging in. How could you resist? A perfect sweet snack with a cup of tea and Elf (great movie by the way! so funny! : )

  2. That's a beautiful gingerbread house, well done! I've never made one but Little Miss did one at school this year which was auctioned off at their Christmas play; we obviously felt obliged to buy it of course!!


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