24 December 2013

Merry Christmas! - 2013

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Sorry I have been a little absent over these past few days. As you can imagine we've all been busy with Christmassy things. 

It was my birthday yesterday....i'm officially 23! As i'm getting older i'm realising birthdays just aren't the same anymore! None the less I still had a lovely time with my family watching Christmas films and eating lots of yummy food. I was a very lucky girl and was utterly spoilt with gifts...I have such a lovely family : ) Dad & Ian had to work which was a shame & the terrible wind & rain didn't help either! We had a terrible nights sleep last night sleeping up in the loft bedroom. I was genuinely scared and feared all sorts of things but the roof was still there in the morning so that's okay!

I hope you all keep safe and warm at home this Christmas and have a lovely time! All of our presents are wrapped, there is just a cheese cake to be bake and we are all set for tomorrow. I will be back soon to share some pictures of our Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!

Gemma xXx

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