19 December 2013

Rose Gold Glittery Christmas Nails

I just wanted to share my Christmassy nails with you all. Usually I go for something simple but as it's Christmas the glitter must come out! 

I used a Rose Gold shade nail polish from Rimmel called Iced Mocha (number 980 which I think is discontinued). I then topped it with a simple gold glitter.

So sparkly! 

I'm planning on painting them red next week in time for the big day. So exciting!

Do paint your nails glittery over the holiday season? What colours do you like to wear in December?

Gemma xXx

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  1. Mine are bright red at the moment and have been for the past week or so ready fir all the festive nights out. So I think I might change the colour for Christmas day, not sure what to yet though.

    X x

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