5 April 2013

A Review : Cherry Menlove's 'The Handmade Home'

I have been lucky enough to be able to review Cherry Menlove's new book 'The Handmade Home'! I've been so excited to see this highly anticipated book since she announced it, so once it arrived I put the kettle on and devoured it.

Something that I love about this book is that it goes over possibly all celebratory days throughout the year. From Valentines and Christmas to the smaller things like a summer BBQ or cosy Autumn evenings with the family - Cherry covers it all ! 

The book includes crafts, recipes, gardening advice and some great tips on how to create a homely welcoming feel on all occasions. 

If you're mostly looking to make the crafts from this book, there are few you can sew by hand , however use of a sewing machine is vital for the rest of them, so please keep this in mind! The instructions are step by step, so they are very easy to follow - even if you are a novice.

The book is packed full of photos, which I think is great as I am a very visual person. They allow you to see what the end result of each tutorial should look like, plus they are gorgeous to look at!

As I have read Cherry's blog for a few years, I was a little disappointed to see some or very similar projects that have been featured on her blog. A few of the photos have been taken straight from her blog and aren't of great quality in print (such as the Valentine Sweethearts).

Overall I think this book is fab! As time passes by I can see myself delving into it again and again for ideas and inspiration on how to celebrate each season. A year can pass by in a flash so it's great to have any reason for a celebration!

'The Handmade Home' is available from the 25th of April. Thank you Orion Books for this opportunity & providing the photographs!

Gemma x


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