13 January 2014

Transform A Room With Fairy Lights

I really love Fairy Lights. There is just something about that warm pretty glow that makes me feel all relaxed and happy. Walking into a room with this said glow is like receiving a big welcoming hug...Ahh I love it! A lot of people think they are just for Christmas time, but I like to keep mine out all year long.

I have two sets of Fairly Light, one with star shaped bulbs which is draped over a canvas down one end of my room. The other is intertwined on one of those twig trees. I love to hang some of my little hearts and other pretty treasures on it.

I just love that relaxed feeling sitting in my bedroom listening to Frank Sinatra, with just the fairy lights on. These decorative lights definitely transform the atmosphere in any gloomy room.

Do you have fairy lights anywhere in your home?

Gemma x

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  1. Oh, how I love fairy lights! So cute! xo

  2. So pretty! I love fairy lights too. I have them on a large plant in my living room and I leave them up all year round. They add a warmth and coziness to the room. I really love them! One day I would like to string a set over my kitchen window (above the sink : ) Yours look lovely too! ♥

  3. The world of lights changes our small small life moments into amazing one, these lights work according to their nature, means to bright the whole space or rather remove the darkness.
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