7 February 2014

Valentines Day Inspiration

With a week until Valentines Day I thought I would share some of the pretty pictures I came across on Pinterest. We don't really do anything particular to celebrate Valentines Day but I like to decorate with pretty hearts and bake something heart themed for Ian. 

These are really simple and cheap ways to decorate for the day of love. You could even cut red & pink card into heart shapes for the tree. Simply use a hole punch to make a hole and thread some pretty string to hang it from. I really want to find the perfect branch to make one of those trees. They are perfect to decorate for all seasons!

 The Pleated Poppy - Love Laughter & Decor

Last year I baked some cookies and decorated them using piped Royal Icing. They didn't come out as cute as these look but they are definitely something to aspire to! If baking isn't your thing then you can always use a cookie cutter to make other food love themed. I'm thinking something as simple pancakes or like those yummy potatoes with your dinner.


I think Valentines Day shouldn't be about expensive gifts and lavish nights out. I like to keep it simple (and relatively cheap!) with a small gesture. I love the little love vouchers. You could be really creative with them. Ian loves it when I tickle his back so I think a few vouchers for that would go down well!

Remember that Valentines Day is a day of showing love to everyone in your life. Why not buy some flowers for your mum, your sister or your best friend? Many supermarkets are selling a bunch on Daffodils for only £1.


Hopefully you feel a little more inspired to do something small on Valentines day. Remember it's a week today!

Happy Friday : )

Gemma xXx

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  1. wonderful ideas here gem. Hope all is well x x x

    1. Thanks lovely! I hope you and the bubba are doing well! x


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