29 April 2014

Friday Pizza Night!

At the weekend we like to indulge a little more and treat ourselves to some naughty food. It's so easy to just order a pizza to be delivered, they are undeniably yummy but after two or three (or four...) slices I feel so yucky! These days we try and make our own homemade pizza as it's much healthier and cheaper.

On Friday afternoon I had the forethought to whip up some pizza dough which was well risen in time for dinner time. We made our own sauce. Just a can of tomatoes, oregano , some ketchup, a dash of sugar, salt, pepper and a little smoked paprika. Simmer until reduced and thick.

We kept it simple and made a Hawaiian using left over pineapple and ham from the fridge. A light sprinkle of cheese on top and in the oven it went for 10-15 minutes. 

If you fancy making your own pizza here is are a few tips:

- Try and purchase a pizza stone. They are really cheap & improve the crust immensely!

- Add a little Semolina to your dough and on the pizza stone for an authentic flavour.

- Make the most of your freezer! Pizza dough freezes really well and so does the sauce. Make a double batch of both. Once the dough as risen, divide it up into individual portions and freeze. 

- Use up your leftovers. Anything goes with pizza!

I'm trying to find the perfect dough recipe. I would love to make a soft doughy crust with those large holes (just like the takeaway places). 

Can anyone recommend a recipe/technique for me to try?

Gemma x

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