13 June 2014

10 Fun Things To Do This Summer

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10 Fun Things To Do This Summer

As Summer is almost in full swing I wanted to write a little list of some of the fun things I would love to do this season. This list is all about the small things in life that make us happy...

- Have a continental picnic 
- Enjoy a sunset walk somewhere pretty
- Go strawberry picking
- Make cocktails
- Do something out of the ordinary (We climbed the O2!)
- Sit outside and chat until the sun goes down (With my Cousin)
- Make a bonfire and eat S'mores
- Visit the seaside
- Sit in the shade and read a book 
- Make home made ice cream 

I have to admit Summer isn't my favourite time of year but I love to sit outside with family & friends on a warm day with good food and a fruity drink in hand! 

Is summer your favourite season? What is on your summer list? 

Gemma x

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10 June 2014

A Weekend Away In Bath.

Over the weekend we took a little break in the gorgeous city of Bath. My gosh it's a wonderful place! It was my first time there and it was safe to say I was enchanted by its magic. From breathtaking architecture and history to an abundance of shops, there is something for everyone. The buzzing atmosphere makes you feel that holiday spirit which you just cannot beat. The bonus of beautiful weather definitely helped!

We 'mooched' about, did a lot of walking and explored all the streets and little hidden alley ways that Bath had to offer. If you are planning your first trip to Bath I definitely recommend going to see the Royal crescent and the Roman Baths, both were genuinely interesting.  

We stayed in a little Barn conversion which was a 15 minute walk from the hustle and bustle. It felt so nice to have a home to ourselves. Cooking together and cuddling on the sofa in front of the TV was lovely. It is the little things!


Have you been to Bath? Where do you enjoy going to for little weekend breaks? Let me know!

Gemma x

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