13 June 2014

10 Fun Things To Do This Summer

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10 Fun Things To Do This Summer

As Summer is almost in full swing I wanted to write a little list of some of the fun things I would love to do this season. This list is all about the small things in life that make us happy...

- Have a continental picnic 
- Enjoy a sunset walk somewhere pretty
- Go strawberry picking
- Make cocktails
- Do something out of the ordinary (We climbed the O2!)
- Sit outside and chat until the sun goes down (With my Cousin)
- Make a bonfire and eat S'mores
- Visit the seaside
- Sit in the shade and read a book 
- Make home made ice cream 

I have to admit Summer isn't my favourite time of year but I love to sit outside with family & friends on a warm day with good food and a fruity drink in hand! 

Is summer your favourite season? What is on your summer list? 

Gemma x

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  1. Espero hacer unas cuantas de ellas!!

    Gracias por compartir


  2. Se cortó el comentario ya que te decia que cuanta razón tenias en invitarnos a realizar estas diez cosas..Que muchas veces pasan inadvertidas pero que realmente son las que nos hacen felices!!

    Con cariño Victoria

  3. I know what you mean about summer not being the favourite season - it always seems like a bit of a let down doesn't it. But this is a great list! A few would appear on my summer must do list too!

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