28 July 2014

Summer Days In The Garden

Wasn't that weekend just lovely? We've been having hot sunny weather in London. Typically most of the time it's been glorious during the working week and a little hit and miss at the weekend, but this weekend was just perfection. 

We stayed in the garden all day long on Saturday. In the morning it was a quick trip to the shops to gather supplies; drinks, crisps, dips, fruit and the like. We even bought a little padding pool to paddle in & for Ollie the pup to play in. The novelty of summer hey!

Later in the afternoon my cousin came over for a catch up. We stayed outside and talked for hours until evening (that's another thing to tick off my Summer list). She just got back from Florida so I was living vicariously through all her stories. Ahh I can't wait to go back one day!

After a cooling shower and fresh pj's we settled down to watch Breaking Bad. Have you seen that show before? I have mixed feelings. One episode I like Walt and the next I hate him. We are 3 episodes away from the end of the whole series and I can't wait to see how it all ends!! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Gemma xXx

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  1. Lovely post. Sounds like you had had an amazing weekend, how fab.
    We are hooked on Breaking Bad, just started the last season so don't do any spoilers. I love it and we are both utterly hooked. Love Jesse! X.

  2. A lovely way to spend a day, more good weather to come I hope!


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