19 August 2014

Simple Summer Couscous

Over the weekend we made the most the last few weeks of Summer. It isn't necessarily my favourite season but we try and make the most of sitting outdoors in the sunshine whilst eating some good food...now that is something I do love!

Saturdays lunch was absolutely delicious and fairly healthy if I do say so myself. Couscous is one of my favourites for lunch so the Giant Couscous that Sainsbury's are selling was a must try for me! 

Simply cook the Couscous as per instructions. Once it has cooled mix in a 2 Tbsp of Pesto along with a chopped pepper, halved cherry tomatoes, spring onions and crumbled feta. Let the flavours mingle in the fridge for a few hours before serving.

Along with this scrummy lunch we also had a glass of Summer fruit punch. It was fresh & extra fruity as we added lots of mixes berries : )

How are you making the most of the last weeks of summer? I can definitely feel a slight chill in the air now, Autumn will be here in no time!

Gemma xXx

Disclosure: Sainsbury's kindly sent me the couscous and drink to try along with a voucher to get some extra ingredients. As always all opinions are my own.


  1. We eat lots of cous cous, its so easy to use.

    X x

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