1 September 2014

Italian Herbed Bread - Bake Off Challenge Week 3

Last week was bread week and I have to admit my past bread making skills have been pretty poor! Whenever I have made bread, the dough is usually raw in the middle or it hasn't risen well. This time round I was determined to get it right!

For this particular loaf I used Paul Hollywood's Eight strand plait recipe with some added dried herbs. You can add whichever you like. I used some dried Oregano, Basil and Mixed Italian herbs (about 1/2 tsp of each). I also threw in a dash of dried Rosemary. It smelt amazing!

The plait was fairly difficult to do. I started out okay but as I went on it was harder to remember which stage I was at with the plait so I guessed the rest of it hehe! One end of the bread was a bit loose and the other was fairly tight. I like to call it 'rustic' looking ; )

It ended up being a gorgeous fluffy loaf which was ACTUALLY cooked in the middle! Yay!! I was dreading baking this but it turned out to be a very enjoyable bake : )

Do you enjoy baking bread? Have you got any tips for me?

Gemma xXx

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