8 September 2014

Life Lately

It seems all I've shared on here recently are my bakes...sorry for that! I thought I'd do a little life lately post to share what I've been up to recently.


A few weekends back Ian & I spent the day in Cambridge city centre. It was just what we needed, time away from familiar surroundings spent exploring a new area. After an hours drive we jumped on a park & ride bus and 10 minutes later we were in the hustle and bustle of Cambridge. We started off with a long stroll along the River Cam, then had a picnic watching the punters go by. Afterwards we walked up and down the little lanes discovering the shopping delights the city has to offer. Although it was just a day it felt like we had taken a mini break, it was so relaxing!

Picking Vegetables

As it's coming to the end of the growing season I've really enjoyed picking everything we've grown. The beans have done amazingly well! There is nothing like eating a meal with lots of homegrown vegetables. I think the best bit hunting through all the foliage trying to find fully grown ones (Yes I am a big kid at heart!) There are still plenty more to be picked.

Lunch time escapes

Ian & I are lucky enough to work in the beautiful town market town Berkhamsted. There are an abundance of shops and lots of lovely walks to take. During our lunch break we like to venture out as far as we can within the hour to stretch our legs. Last week we had a cheeky chip shop lunch walking around the ruins of a castle, it was so nice as it felt like it was the weekend! Definitely not your usual lunch break!


My favourite time of year is fast approaching and I cannot wait. Not only am I excited for chillier days, crunchy leaves and long walks, I'm also excited for long wearing boots, baggy jumpers and scarves (I've actually started to wear scarves to work in the morning!!). The candles are already out in the evenings and I absolutely love it. 

What have you been up to lately?

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