26 September 2014

The Perfect Loaf

My workload has been just a little unbearable these past few weeks, so as you can imagine i'm making the most of my weekends. Last weekend I made bread, it was the perfect way to let some of that stress out! It was lovely for breakfast, sometimes you cannot beat buttery toast and a mug of tea in the morning!

This loaf was particularly yummy as I used Sainsbury's Strong Canadian Flour. When Sainsbury's sent me the flour to try I was a little sceptical, I expected it to taste like any other bread I had made. However I was proved wrong! This bread was nicer than any other homemade bread that i've tasted! As it has a high gluten content it resulted in the perfect crispy crust with a distinctive nutty flavour which I love. The white also had a lovely soft texture. If you enjoy making bread then i'd definitely recommend this flour, it makes the world of difference.

Have you used this flour before? Are there any bread making techniques you can recommend to me?

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