3 October 2014

Eating Organically

September was Organic month and to help raise awareness of the selection of organic products we have at hand, Sainsbury's sent me some ingredients from their SO Organic range to rustle up some delicious delights.

When you think of organic food, fruits and vegetables are the first thing to spring to mind. I was genuinely surprised to find out how you can now buy organically for the majority of your weekly shop. From wines and pasta to meats and jams you really can eat purely organic food. One thing that I love about cooking is that you know exactly what goes into what you eat. Eating organically and cooking for yourself takes it that much further as you know that nothing untoward has gone into your food.

The first meal I made was a delicious organic Chicken & Mushroom Risotto. It's perfect to make on a chilly Autumnal evening as it is so comforting. It was absolutely divine! The creamy rice was plump and full of yummy flavours from the vegetable stock. That paired with the chicken and luxurious Porcini mushrooms made the perfect Autumnal dinner. It's difficult to describe how it tastes exactly, but it definitely reminded me of a winter Paella. Scrumptious!

You can find the recipe I used here. All I did differently was cook up some diced chicken breast and cooked it through before frying up the vegetables. 

Do you eat organically? Let me know & remember to check back soon for some more organic dishes.

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Disclaimer: Sainsburys kindly sent me some food items and vouchers to make a few dishes to share with you all! As always all opinions are my own and honest.

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