7 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide For Her!

Yankee Candle Selection - ASDA //  Clarisonic Face Brush   //  Mercury Hurricane Candle Holder - B&Q Home // Chunky Knit Throw -  Laura Ashley // White Musk Smoky Rose Perfume - The Body Shop // Benefit Fun Size Flirts - Boots // Slipper Boots - New Look

It's that time of year again when wish lists are made and the shops are searched for that perfect gift. These ideas are a mixture of things that I would buy for others and products that I received last year and still absolutely love!

The White Musk Smoky Rose perfume is a beautiful scent. This 'mysterious' and 'seductive' floral scent smells like it is a high end product when in reality it is very reasonably priced! The Body Shop do some great gift sets which include this scent so I really recommend that you check them out.

I was a lucky girl last year and received a Clarisonic face brush. It's absolutely fantastic if you've got problematic skin or just can't get enough of that clean fresh faced feel. The Clarisonic brushes away any impurities that may be left behind from general cleansing and gets rid of dry skin like no other exfoliator that i've tried. This gets a huge thumbs up from me!

Other gift ideas include:

- Chunk knit throw, Candles & Mercury candle holder (perfect for any home       decor fanatic)
- Make up miniatures
- Cosy socks, slippers, pj's 
- Bra & knicker sets 
- Magazine subscription
- Baking/cooking sets
- Chocolate!!

Are you starting to think about Christmas yet? If so, have you started any Christmas shopping?? We have bought the odd bits & pieces but really need to put our thinking caps on and make a proper list.

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  1. It's always so hard to know what to get people for Christmas., I've got a few presents and a few other ideas but other than that I'm struggling this year, as I do every year. I hate buying things for the sake of buying them. I'm hoping to pick up some more over the next couple of weeks though.
    I love this little gift list though, it all looks so lovely :) x x x


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