14 November 2014


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Today I just wanted to do a little update on life at the moment. After many years of saving Ian & I are finally starting the adventure of hunting for our first home together! For so long it seemed like it would never happen but at last we are here. I am so excited!

Right now we are in the very early stages of trawling Right Move for potential houses, with one or two viewings lined up already! For now we are trying to view as many different types of property to see what we like & dislike. Hopefully in a few weeks time we will have narrowed down on areas and have some more news about it all : )

Wedding wise - we are also looking to book a venue! It's very exciting but with so many options it has got a bit overwhelming. Some places are ridiculously pricey for what they offer but with lots of deals around i'm sure we'll find somewhere that we like.

I'll be sure to keep you all up to date with moving & wedding shenanigans as they happen. In the mean time we are keeping busy with investigating my parents new area and of course the build up to Christtmassss..YAY!!

Happy Friday!

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