10 December 2014

No7 Beauty Advent Calender Days 1-8

With so many alternative advent calenders in the shops I decided to treat myself to No7's beauty advent calender. Every day I am so excited to see what beauty treat is behind each door...it's like a little Christmas present to myself each morning. 

Here is what was in Days 1 to 8 of No7's advent calender...

- Eyeshadow

- Eyeshadow brush
- Nail Polish
- Mascara
- Eye Serum
- Exfoliator
- Lip Crayon
- Skin Illuminator

So far i'm really happy with each door I have opened. The mascara lengthens my lashes well and the lip crayon colour gives my lips a subtle natural colour. The only product I am not too keen on the skin illuminator, that may be more appropriate to wear during summer evenings.

Check back soon for days 9-16!

Have you got an alternative advent calender? Which one did you buy?

Gemma x


  1. This looks like a great advent calender :) The eye-shadow looks lovely! x


    1. So far I'm loving it! Definitely getting another one next year : )

      Gemma x

  2. Thats a great advent calendar hun x x

    1. Thank you..it is great as i'm in need of some new make up!

      Gemma x


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Gemma x


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