30 July 2014

Easy Breakfast Bacon Egg Cups

Today I wanted to share with you this easy peasy method for making a cooked breakfast. I had spotted it on Pinterest so many times before but this weekend was the time to finally try it out. It's always fun to cook something yummy on a work free day, but usually with cooking comes a lot of washing up. However with this method it skips all the frying pans and grills, all you need is a deep muffin tray!

On this particular morning we had Bacon, Eggs, Mushrooms and Baked Beans. 

Simply pre-heat your oven to Gas mark 5, 190c, 375f and oil your muffin tray (we used a little Frylight). Take one rasher of Bacon and put it in one muffin hole, wrapping it and overlapping it so the sides and base are covered. Next crack an egg into the bacon cup and give it a little sprinkling of salt and pepper.


Fill another muffin hole with a whole Mushroom or half a large Tomato. Bake in the oven for 12 minutes for runny Yolk and 14 minutes for a hard Yolk. 

Serve with some Baked Beans or Toast and you are all set for the day ahead of you!

This method makes life so much easier as you don't have to stand around keeping an eye on the bacon or making sure everything is timed perfectly. It's definitely something we will be doing next time we have a lot of guests over for brunch (I'm thinking of the holiday seasons ahead of us) and the best bit is that there will barely be any washing up!

Have you used this method before? What else do you add to your muffin holes? Let me know!

Gemma x

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28 July 2014

Summer Days In The Garden

Wasn't that weekend just lovely? We've been having hot sunny weather in London. Typically most of the time it's been glorious during the working week and a little hit and miss at the weekend, but this weekend was just perfection. 

We stayed in the garden all day long on Saturday. In the morning it was a quick trip to the shops to gather supplies; drinks, crisps, dips, fruit and the like. We even bought a little padding pool to paddle in & for Ollie the pup to play in. The novelty of summer hey!

Later in the afternoon my cousin came over for a catch up. We stayed outside and talked for hours until evening (that's another thing to tick off my Summer list). She just got back from Florida so I was living vicariously through all her stories. Ahh I can't wait to go back one day!

After a cooling shower and fresh pj's we settled down to watch Breaking Bad. Have you seen that show before? I have mixed feelings. One episode I like Walt and the next I hate him. We are 3 episodes away from the end of the whole series and I can't wait to see how it all ends!! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Gemma xXx

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9 July 2014

Up At The O2!!

A few weekends back Ian & I climbed the O2 (aka the Millennium Dome)! We hadn't realised it was an attraction in London until we happened to come across a good deal for it on the O2 priorities app. 

At first I was a little nervous as we signed health & safely forms but once we had our briefing and got our climbing gear on I was raring to go (we wore special walking shoes plus a harness which was attached to the safety rail). The climb at first was challenging enough to get your heart rate up with a fairly steep incline, however it got easier and easier as we reached the top. 

It was lovely and sunny when we reached the viewing platform, we could see Canary Wharf, the Thames Barrier, the Emirates Cable Cars and the Olympic Helter Skelter. The view wasn't as amazing as we had hoped as Canary Wharf blocked the most iconic London buildings (I guess we were standing on most iconic sight near by!).

After climbing back down the O2 we took a wonder inside and were amazed by the amount of restaurants and bars there. We decided to make an afternoon of it and stayed for a little dinner which was nice.

I'd definitely recommend climbing the O2 if you happen to find a deal on it. We managed to get half priced tickets but if we had paid full price I would of been slightly disappointed as the views weren't amazing. I am glad we did it and it's something to cross off my summer list (do something out of the ordinary).

Have you climbed the O2 before? What did you think of it?

Gemma x

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