1 January 2015


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Happy new year! 2015 is set to be an exciting year for us. We will be buying our first home and finally getting our wedding date set & organised. Woohoo! I'm extremely excited and just a tad scared at how grown up life is becoming. 

As always I like to set a few personal goals for the new year. 


I wouldn't say i'm terribly disorganised but recently i've been leaving things to the last minute. Only little things like not preparing lunches for work or getting clothes ready for an outing but it's resulted in unnecessary stress which could of been avoided.

This year i'm aiming to think ahead. I want to make batches of soup to freeze for work lunches, to get all my clothes ironed and organised the day before, to write lists and actually cross things out!


This seems to be an ongoing goal for me. Last year I was pretty pants at keeping up with an exercise regime of any kind. Being disorganised for work lunches also meant snacking on naughty food in the office a little too often! As we are attending a wedding in March (and getting our own wedding booked!) I am using this as a time frame to get a toned and in better shape. We took a long walk around some local lakes today so i've made a start!

Be A Better Blogger

With so many big things happening this year I want to capture the memories through pictures and share it here on my blog. It's so lovely to look back at old posts and get all nostalgic. I'm hoping to give this little blog a revamp and start posting more regularly. This blog has also brought me so many fun opportunities and I hope this continues in 2015!


This should probably come under health too. I've noticed some blemishes, discolouration and tiredness on my face. I'm 24 now so it's about time that I start to look after my skin a bit more otherwise i'll regret it when i'm old and grey! I'm planning on using some of my birthday money to invest in some quality creams. Hopefully this and keeping up with drinking lots of water will help!

Have you got any big plans for 2015? What are your aims and goals?

Gemma xXx


  1. Sounds like a very exciting year ahead for you! I like the goals you have set, very sensible & attainable. Happy New Year lovely!! xx

    1. Thanks Lisa! Happy new year to you too. Xxx

  2. Great goals for the year sweetie. I've not got anything too major set yet, organisation is one I want to improve on, like you I'm pretty organised but things have been slipping the past couple of years. I'm hoping to work on a list tonight, I'm going to use my Happiness Project to help.

    I'll email you my goals so we can get started together :) x x x x

    1. Looking forward to our little happiness project! Will be e-mailing you asap.

      Gemma x

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