22 January 2015

Instalife Lately (January)

I would say January is usually my least favourite month of the year, but so far it hasn't been half bad. Apart from working here is what we've been up to recently...

01. Chilly walks. We've discovered a huge lake just a short drive from my parents new home which is perfect for winter walks. The scenery is beautiful, it's just perfect when you want to blow the cobwebs away after being stuck in an office all week.

02. Saturday night drinks. With a pub just a stones throw away from the house, it's always tempting to pop down for a drink or two. These past few weeks we've managed to get a table right by the fire..it's just so cosy! It's been nice just to sit and chat about life and house hunting.

03. Hibernating. If I know i'm not going out any more you can guarantee i'll be in my PJ's and slippers. It's just soo cold at the moment! So far we have avoided the snow, but it was -5°c on the way to work the other morning. 

04. Running. We've signed up to a 5k in the summer (more on that soon!) so to get prepared for it i've started the Couch to 5k program again! I really didn't want to run on this particular evening but once I spotted this sunset it was worth it.

I'm really looking forward to lighter warmer evenings. Not long now! Until then it will be more hot drinks and candles for me!

Gemma x

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