18 January 2015


January is a bleak bleak month. When it's dark and cold outside I just don't have any get up and go. It's a struggle to get out of bed in the morning, and after a long day at work I really don't have the energy to prepare and cook a tasty healthy dinner. 

In a battle to beat the January blues and get us organised Sainsbury's have launched a #loveyourfreezer campaign. Your freezer really will be your best friend when you realise how much time it can save you. From sliced frozen mixed peppers, mushrooms and onions to frozen spinach, garlic and ginger Sainsbury's have it all. Store these essentials in your freezer and you'll save prep time (and no more watery eyes from those onions!). All you need to do is throw in your choice of frozen ingredients into your pan and cook as normal. They are perfect for fajitas, pasta sauces, currys, stir fry, casseroles, pies...the world is your oyster! 

So far we have made a Lasagne, Risotto and Meatball pasta using these time saving ingredients and you cannot fault them in flavour or texture..you really wouldn't know the difference.

Another way to save time in the evenings is to prepare some of your meals ahead of time. In an attempt at trying to eat better at lunch time, we spent an hour or so making a few soups over the weekend. Using sandwich bags to store each portion of soup, we froze them individually so we can take a portion as and when we need to. This has made our evenings so much easier (no more last minute lunch making!). So far our favourite has to be this Red Lentil & Tomato soup.

Some other handy things to keep in your freezer are:

* Breadcrumbs - Blitz up stale bread and freeze, ready to grab by the handful       whenever you need them.

* Pizza Dough - We've made a big batch of pizza dough and divided it up into portions. Freeze and defrost a few hours before needed. Perfect for a Friday night in.

* Cheese - Grated Cheddar is also great to store in the freezer. Perfect for topping homemade pizzas or omelets.

Do you make the most of your freezer? What #loveyourfreezer tips do you have? Do share!

Gemma x

N:B - Sainsbury's kindly sent me some vouchers to try their frozen products. As always all opinions are my own and are honest.

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