6 March 2015

Spring Decor

Hello & Happy March!  Spring seems to have sprung around here, daffodil bulbs are shooting up and I even went out this afternoon without a jacket. I feel the cold so that is saying something! 

With warmer lighter days brings spring decor. I've mentioned here before that I love having something to look forward. We should make a big deal and celebrate seasons and occasions such as Easter. I enjoy getting a few decorations out, nothing over the top, just to change up the room and add some new interest. 

I'm also looking forward to getting outside in the garden. My parents have a few large raised beds that i'm longing to fill with vegetable plants and flowers. The previous owners seemed to be keen gardeners so who knows what flowers will pop up over the warmer months. They say to not touch a new garden for the first year to see what each season brings and so far it looks like the Spring bulbs will be promising.

Do you like to decorate for each season? What are you most looking forward to about Spring?

Gemma x


  1. I used to have a Spring clean and add new decorations but not now, never enough time or money! I'd love to though, the twig wreath is gorgeous and the day today is feeling so bright and full of new life.

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