24 April 2015

5 Good Things

1. Since the beginning of Spring i've been a little obsessed with flowers. They just add a touch of colour and joy to any room. There is a plant stall at Berkhamsted market (every Wednesday) that sells beautiful blooms for great prices. I've bought a few Rananculus plants and some Lavender so far. I think i'll be a bit of a regular : )

2. My parents adopted a new cat recently (after our beloved Timber passed away last November). I wasn't sure at first but it's nice having another cat around. I know this sounds soppy but I really love my furry friends. They make me so happy and I can pretty much guarantee a cuddle when it comes to our pup Ollie.

3. Sweet and Salty Popcorn has been another recent obsession of mine. I've always liked both flavours and when they are combined it is just soo good! I've bought many different brands and Sainsbury's and Morrisons win hands down. Buy a bag and crack it open on your next movie night. I can almost guarantee that you will eat it all in one go! 

4. Sunset walks. Now it's light in the evenings we are making the most of the local fields and enjoying a little evening sun. As we both work in an office it's nice to stretch out and be active after work.

5. Running. In June we are doing a 5k 'Colour run' with some friends. I'm very excited but I need to work at my training. We are doing a run every other day and so far I am progressing! It's really hard (especially when the stitches kick in) but it's worth that euphoric feeling afterwards.

Happy Friday all : )

Gemma x


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